The topic of which wing is the best is a hot one.

If you ring six schools you’ll get six answers, with most claiming only one brand is best.  Like cars no one brand or model will suit everyone, and like cars,  no manufacturer makes a bad wing. Certain wings have characteristics that others don’t, they all behave different for different reasons, whether it be New pilot, XC, Acro or just your average weekend warrior.

It comes to personal choice, with low hour pilots and students hopefully guided by their instructors. Icaro, Ozone, UP, APCO, Niviuk, Advance, Skywalk, ITV, AirG, AirDesign, Swing, Gradient and SUN  just to name a few, all make awesome wings. Having flown all these brands, not one didn’t do what it was designed to do.


Our contribution to this market is Icaro. If your after a new wing check out the range here. Then contact us for a price.


If you have a old wing and want to upgrade let us know, we offer trade ins on all wings regardless of condition, We do this so any wing that is not airworthy can be destroyed and not end up on ebay or end up in unexperienced hands. It also allows you to make real savings in your hip pocket.


NOTE: Newcastle Paragliding will not sell wings to unlicensed persons nor will we sell to persons attending another school for lessons without the consent of their instructor.

We pride ourselves in maintaining good business relations within our industry, thereby ensuring the pilot is the ultimate winner.


What Icaro say…
Paragliding sport is the best thing on earth for us. For it we build our wings.
Innovation and progress are important for us.

Sure, we could simply build paragliders which are the same like paragliders of other brands on the market. Sure, this would be probably even easier, cheaper and much quicker.

But where will imitation bring us?

In terms of “making headway” in the sport nothing at all.

So we rather do research, try and fiddle,

to build our wings and harnesses more and more safe, more efficiently, easier, for more fun and also more economically..


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